Ohlheiser Corporation Receives GAST Growth and Partnership Award

November 14, 2014

Gast Manufacturing recognizes Ohlheiser Corporation’s achievements

GAST awardAt the 2014 Annual Meeting held at Gast Manufacturing headquarters in Benton Harbor, MI, Ohlheiser Corporation received the Growth and Partnership Award.  This award acknowledges the Ohlheiser team’s sales performance and commitment to providing excellent application support.

Gast Manufacturing, Inc. designs and manufactures quality air-moving products and Smart Air technology to meet many challenging applications for OEMs and end-users.

Panasonic HG-C Series Laser Distance Sensor

October 6, 2014

Pansonic HG-CReliable detection with a 10 µm Resolution in a Compact Body

The NEW HG-C Series Laser Distance Sensor with a compact size of just W20 x H44 x D25 mm this sensor provides high-end performance in a small, lightweight package. Three measurement ranges (100mm±35, 50mm±15, and 30mm±5) are available with a measurement resolution ranging from 10 μm to 70 μm depending on the model selected. The built-in display assist in setup and operation, and I/O options include a 0-5V analog output alongside either one NPN or PNP transistor output as well as an external input.

SMC LE Series Motorless Electric Actuators

October 6, 2014

LEYour motor & driver can be used together!

SMC’s LE series of electric actuators are available in a motorless type, permitting the mounting of an AC servo motor other than the standard chosen by SMC.  Shaft coupling and mounting patterns are compatible with servo motor series from 8 manufacturers.

Manufacturers include Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Sanyo Denki, Omron, Panasonic, FANUC, FASTECH and Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley).

Motorless Actuator Models:

  • LEF Series Slider Type – ball screw and belt drive models
  • LEJ High Rigidity Slider Type
  • LEY Series Rod Type
  • LEYG Series Guide Rod Type

SMC Online Technology Training

September 5, 2014

Download the training brochure to review all available courses

Contact your Ohlheiser representative to start your leading-edge technology adventure today!
Special training features:

  • Over 30 courses available
  • Filled with graphics and examples
  • Track progress
  • Learn specifications and part types
  • Take the courses you want, in the order that suits your needs
  • End of course assessment
  • Assessment feedback


Epson RS Series Robots Maximizes Work Envelope Usage

September 5, 2014

Epson RSEpson RS zero-footprint robots utilize the entire workspace underneath the arm.  As a result, there is no lost space in the center of the work envelope. No other robot vendor offers a 350mm SCARA arm which can work on pallets as large as 494mm x 494mm.  A pallet size this large would normally require a SCARA arm which is almost double the size.

With the ceiling mount design and the 100% workspace utilization, RS-Series robots are a great alternative to cartesian, gantry and typical SCARA robots because they literally have a zero footprint – saving you valuable floor space.  These robots maneuver under themselves for the shortest movements possible, delivering superior cycle rates.

Gast Air Motor Rotary Vane Technology

August 7, 2014

Dependable, reliable and safe for hazardous duty

Gast Air MotorGast Manufacturing, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing air motors to meet the many challenging applications of OEMs and end-users worldwide.  Gast air motors are rugged and reliable, with a broad range of models are available in lubricated, lubricated stainless steel, and oilless styles.

Gast air motor rotary vane technology is dependable, reliable and safe for hazardous duty and failsafe against loss of electricity.


Portable mixers and Agitators
Pumps for chemicals
Pumps for diesel engines
Pumps for marine/shipyard
Portable pumps for construction
Industrial equipment
Industrial and hydraulic tools
Backup power for pumps

SMC PFMB digital display and output signals to monitor flow

August 7, 2014

Wide Range of Flow Measurement with One Product 

SMC PFMBSeries PFMB digital flow switch monitors and displays instantaneous and accumulated flow, and transmits output signals when critical set points are detected.  Switch outputs can trigger machine controls to continue or stop operation, indicate an emergency condition, or signal a maintenance requirement.  A comprehensive set of functions is available in a compact, space-saving package.

  • Flow ratio of 100:1 with maximum values of 200, 500, or 1000 L/min
  • 2 switch outputs available, or 1 switch output along with an analog current or voltage output
  • CE, UL/CSA (200L type only), RoHS compliance
  • Optimize response time with 1 of 5 settings from 0.05 to 2.0 seconds
  • Protect settings with key lock and password code security functions

Baumer Power Over Ethernet Reduces Cabling Effort

July 10, 2014

Baumer GigeBaumer GigE cameras with resolutions up to 5 megapixel

GigE Vision® has become a standard in industrial image processing, providing a simple way of connecting industrial cameras to existing network systems using Gigabit Ethernet.   Thanks to Power over Ethernet (POE), Baumer is able to deliver a single cable solution for the GigE cameras as well as for the network components such as the trigger device, switches and injectors. In this case, the data and the power supply are both carried over a standard Ethernet cable.

PoE saves a separate power supply for the camera system, which makes the mechanical installation much simpler and results in noticeably lower installation and maintenance costs.

The TX Series are versatile digital matrix cameras using Power over Ethernet technology, Gigabit Ethernet interface and Sony CCD sensors with resolution ranging from VGA to 5 megapixel.

Turck Ultrasonic Sensor Family RU-U

July 10, 2014

Turck RUUIncreased performance with fewer variants

The New RU-U ultrasonic sensors from Turck offer unmatched mid-range sensing.  The new ultrasonic sensor series with short blind zones and large measuring ranges reduces the number of variants required for sensing distances up to 300 centimeters.

The RU-U series offers three sensor lines with short blind zones and a long measuring ranges that can be taught directly on the sensor via pin 5 covering all requirements, regardless of whether analog or switching outputs are needed.  The high-end version also offers parameterization and communication via IO-Link.

Jun-Air Oil-less Cabinet Unit Compressors

June 26, 2014

Further reducing sound emissions of already quiet compressors
oil-less compressor
OF series oil-less rocking piston – ideal for laboratory, medical, dental, gas generation, beverage dispensing, and other applications where noise and long life are key requirements. JUN-AIR has introduced a new generation of compressors with few moving parts, which reduces the noise, vibrations as well as wear and tear. The reduced noise and vibration level makes it possible to place the compressor directly at the place of use


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